Material properties testing



The slot is booked, the machines are ready to produce the ordered batch. However, it is first necessary to make sure that the raw material actually fulfills the requirements. Is it as hard as desired? Is the chemical composition correct? And will the dimensions of the produced parts be within the tolerance permitted? Semi- and fully automatic testing devices provide the answers to these questions. For this purpose, components such as lenses, sample mounts and testing probe must be positioned with the utmost precision and repeatability. This task is performed with consistent reliability by drive combinations made up of motors, gearheads, encoders and lead screws from HT-GEAR.

The highest quality requires precise information: Does the pharmaceutical substance reach the required level of purity, down to a couple of ppb? Does the plastic sealing ring demonstrate the desired balance of rigidity and elasticity? Do the contours of the artificial joint meet the specifications with a permissible tolerance of just a few microns? For tasks of this kind that relate to analysis, measurement and quality control, there is a wide variety of cutting-edge devices and machines available. Using many different measurement procedures, they detect the critical dimensions, which are precise to many decimal places and are consistently reproducible even in continuous operation. These are the most important requirements to be fulfilled by drives that position the moving parts in measurement equipment: Maximum precision and long-term reliability. In general, there is very little installation space available, so the required motor power must be generated from the smallest possible volume – and, of course, the motor must run smoothly and with minimal vibration, even when there is a sudden load change and during intermittent operation.

Micromotors from HT-GEAR are designed to overcome these challenges. They come with matching accessories such as encoders, gearheads, brakes, controllers and lead screws, all from a single source. Intensive collaboration with customers, high-quality technical support and application-specific solutions are also part of the package.


Highest precision and reliability


Smooth adjustment speeds


Minimal installation space


High level of accuracy