Space Exploration



Satellites, planetary landers or other scientific equipment, exploring space, sometimes take years to reach their destination, flying through vacuum and experiencing extreme temperatures. Drives that are being used in that area must therefore work guaranteed, no matter how hard the landing on a planet was or how harsh the environment is. HT-GEAR drive systems, due to their reliability, minimal installation space, weight or power demands, are always a great choice for a successful mission.

From earth to mars and even beyond: HT-GEAR drives are being used in a lot of space applications. Still back at earth, for example they control the fuel flow in a rocket and thus ensure a successful and also economical launch. Reaching the earth’s orbit, they hold satellites in their exact position so that measurements are always correct or ensure a safe reentry into the earth’s atmosphere. Moving objects in zero gravity is also difficult, especially inside the cramped space of a space craft or orbital stations such as the ISS. Landing on a planet like Mars poses further challenges for the drives being used for landing or for scientific experiments right after arrival. Failure is not an option. There is positively no room for a second try. If one part fails, as small as it may be, the whole mission will fail.

Reliability is a key factor as well as minimal installation space requirements, lowest possible weight or power consumption. HT-GEAR drives answer these demands and at the same time provide top notch performance. The HT-GEAR DC-Micromotors, Stepper Motors, brushless DC-Servomotors, linear DC-Servomotors and other motor families have already been used in successful space exploration. Often accompanied by precision gearheads, encoders or customer specific wiring to fit your needs. For a successful space mission, HT-GEAR is your right choice!


High Reliability


Minimal installation space


Lowest possible weight


Power consumption