About Us

Changzhou Hetai Motor And Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.

Hetai is located in ChangZhou, Jiangsu province. Our workshop area is over 15,000㎡. Since Hetai founded in 1999, the specialization, scale of production has ensured to manufacture five million motors every year.

ChangZhou Hetai Motors is an experienced motor manufacturer. For more than 20 years, Hetai dedicates to provide professional electrical integration design and automation strategies for customers. We have variable manufacturing equipment, such as assembly line, Automatic cylindrical grinder and CNC machining centers as well.


Plant area


Year of establishment


Manufacture every year

Based on all this advantages, our company specializes in producing hybrid stepping motors, DC brushless motors, servo motors, gearbox motors and so on. The products are applied in robots, packing machinery, textile machinery, medical instruments, printing machinery, intelligent logistics equipment. Hetai also sends its products to USA, Europe, Southeast Asia and all-around China.

When it comes to quality aspect, Hetai was qualified by ISO Certificate, CE and Rohs. The product quality has also been recognized by many customers.Hetai is also proud of its research and develop strength. With the support of professional laboratory and experienced technicians, Hetai gained 13 Utility Patents and high-tech enterprise Award as well as other awards during the years.

Overall ,Hetai always put customer needs in the first place. Not only supplying quality product, we believe to help customer make better product is the most important mission.

Assembly line


In the year 2003, Hetai was qualified by ISO9001/TS 16949 Certificate, and passed supervision successfully.  The company also attained import and export right of external trade of self-management.

In 2005, Hetai has qualified by EU Type Examination Certificate and get four Invention Patent, seven Utility Patent, and one Appearance Design Patent.

Hetai was quoted on the stock market in 2015.

Hetai was authenticated by safety standardization management system in next year.

The company was qualified as high-tech enterprise in 2018.


After-sale services

Warranty period

Hetai electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. will provide the product warranty service of 12 months from the date of delivery for customers and provide the free product maintenance and consultation services for customers within the warranty period. 

Maintenance process

If they need to be repaired, products shall be handled according to the following process.

(1) Customers shall contact the customer service personnel of Hetai to obtain the repair permission.

(2) Customers shall send the products accompanied by the written failure phenomenon instructions and their contact information and mailing method.

Maintenance Restrictions

There are no warranties for the following situations 

If you need to repair the Hetai motor series, please confirm that the product meets the warranty terms.

Damage caused by improper use of the product is not covered by the warranty.

Hetai Motor guarantees that the products purchased meet the technical specifications of the products issued by our company, but cannot guarantee that the products are suitable for the specific application of the customers. The inapplicability caused by the products is not covered by the warranty. Please understand.