Medical Rehab



Rehabilitation helps people affected by a stroke or other critical situations to improve their disturbed physical functions step by step. In functional therapy, motorized applications are being used to support people in restoring limited functions and activities to cope with everyday life and to improve their skills. HT-GEAR drive systems are ideal for these applications as they fulfill requirements such as high torque and overload capability.

Functional movement therapy is a great way to help patients recovering after a stroke or any other serious medical condition. It detects patient's intention to move a limb via EMG signals and following the concept of neuroplasticity, helps people in motor re-learning.

For example, in finger(s) movement therapy, the fingers are individually moved by a drive unit consisting of a motor, position feedback and a gearhead. For finger therapy, those drive units are mounted side by side, demanding for slim drive units with small diameters. Furthermore, the peak loads generated by the patient’s finger could be rather high, calling for a drive system that offers high torques and at the same time a large overload capacity. In other words: brushless motors from HT-GEAR.

Apart from individual fingers, therapists use similar devices for movement therapy of the hand, upper arm, forearm, thigh bone, lower leg or toe(s). Depending on the strength of the body part involved, smaller or lager drive systems are needed. HT-GEAR, offering the most extensive range of miniature and micro drive systems available from a single source worldwide, is able to cater to all those applications the right drive system.


High-power motors with maximum torque


Small size and low weight


High reliability and long service life


Low noise