12V Stepper motor driver 24V 50V Match 0.3A 2.5A

Short Description:

Place of Origin : China

Brand Name : Hetai

Certification : CE ROHS ISO

Model Number HTD525

Minimum Order Quantity : 50

Packaging Details : Carton with Inner Foam Box, Pallet

Delivery Time :   7~10 working days

Payment Terms :L/C, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram

Supply Ability :   1000pcs/month

Product Detail

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Product Name Stepper motor driver
Size 93*97.1*21mm
Usage  Match For Stepper Motor 28,35,39,42mm
Input voltage 12V/24V/50V
Use Occasion  Avoid Dust, Oil And Corrosive Gases
Drive Current 0.3-2.5 A
Cooling Mode  Natural Or Forced Cooling
MAX Viration  5.9m/S2 Max
Operating environment Temperature 0~+40°C
Highest Environment Humidity 90%RH(No Condensation)
Net Weight 0.273Kg
Storage temperature -10~70°C

Electrical parameters

Driver parameters

Minimum value

Typical value

Maximum value


Input voltage





Drive current





Input pulse frequency





Input pulse width





Input signal voltage





Environmental indexes

Cooling mode Natural cooling or forced cooling
Operating environment temperature 0~40℃
Highest environment humidity 90%RH (no condensation)
Storage temperature -10 ~70℃
Maximum vibration 5.9m/S2 max
Use occasion Avoid dust, oil stain and corrosive gas
Environmental indexes

Motor parameter

Motor parameter selection and matching

● Subdivision setting

In order to adapt to types of motors, and to achieve high-speed, low-speed vibration and low-noise performance when matched with the motor, the HTD525 two-phase stepper motor driver internally

sets different PID parameters for different motor parameters that customer can choose.

Motor parameter matching is performed by SW9 dial switch, ON=small inductor motor, OFF=large inductor motor.

● The HTD525 two-phase stepper motor driver can perform two modes of pulse + direction and double pulse control. The pulse + direction is the input pulse signal always exists, and the direction is controlled by the high and low levels of the direction input.

The double pulse means that both the pulse input and the direction input are pulse inputs, one is forward pulse input, and the  other is reverse pulse input.

Note: When switching between single/double pulse, you need to turn off the power and power on again to take effect.

Stepper motor automatic assembly line

stepper motor automatic assembly line

Automatic screw machine

Automatic screw machine

Inspection process

22mm Nema 8 Bldc Motor 8 Pole 24V 8W 3 Phase 0.02Nm 4800RPM (3)

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Engineering Support

Our professional team can help you to find the right and suitable motor for you. Our engineers have rich experience of motion control products in various industries, such as robots, packing machinery, textile machinery, medical instruments, printing machinery, intelligent logistics equipment, and so on.

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Regardless of the volume of the order, we will provide the same service. Our engineering team is able to provide you with quick and accurate prototypes based on your custom requirements.

Large-scale production

Our Factory was founded in 1999 and the workshop area is over 15,000㎡. We have our own manufacturing line and CNC machining center, including precision CNC universal grinder brand name (Sweden), CNC brand name (Germany), DMG lathe and milling, DMG lathe, Mahr measuring instrument, Chinese precision cylindrical grinding machine, CNC lathe machine, automatic multi-head winding machine, automatic assembling line and so on.

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